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Sending Negative Energy Packing - Powerful Spells to Banish Someone

Imagine living in a world free from negative energies, toxic characters, and unwanted influences. A world where you are the master of your own reality. This world is not a utopia far from your reach, but a reality you can create through the power of banishing spells. This article will lead you on a transformative journey, equipping you with knowledge, tools, and actionable steps to master banishing spells and reclaim your peace.


Understanding Banishing Spells

Banishing spells are more than mere magic. They are powerful rituals designed to expel unwanted energies, people, or influences from your life. These spells capitalise on the power of intention, energy manipulation, and symbolism to create a transformative shift in your life.


It's like a spiritual deep clean. You effectively sweep away the emotional dust and dirt, leaving a clean, harmonious space in its wake. It's about cleansing your environment, protecting yourself from negativity, and returning to balance.


These spells are not just about removal, but also about protection. They create a buffer against future negativity, securing your emotional landscape.


Imagine standing on your own terms, unshaken by external influences, in a world of your making.


Types of Spells to Banish Someone

There are many types of banishing spells, each with its own unique energy and purpose.


Freezing Spells – these spells aim to freeze the actions or influence of a person or situation, preventing them from causing harm, interfering in your life, or continuing negative behaviours. They create a barrier of energetic ice, effectively stopping the unwanted influence.


Binding Spells – these spells are focused on restraining or binding someone from causing harm. They create a metaphysical bond between the person and their negative actions, limiting their ability to wreak further havoc.


Protection Spells – these spells create a shield of protective energy around you, safeguarding you from negative influences, energies, and entities. They are a vital addition to any banishing ritual.


Each of these spells offers a unique approach to banishing negative influences and protecting your energy.

Performing a Banishing Spell

This spell incorporates elements of Freezing, Binding, and Protection, making it one of the simplest spells to perform.

Setting Intentions

The first step to casting a spell begins long before the ritual itself. It begins in the mind. You must clearly define your intentions, understand what you aim to banish from your life. Reflect on the situation or person you want to remove and set a strong, focused intention.


Gathering Supplies

Next, you must gather the necessary supplies. These could include candles, herbs, crystals, and incense. Each item should resonate with your intention, contributing its unique energies to the cause.


Creating Sacred Space

Before the ritual begins, you need to create a sacred space. This space will serve as your spiritual battleground, where you will face and conquer your negative influences.


Casting the Banishing Spell

The moment of culmination is at hand. With your sacred space arranged and your intent firmly established, it is time to invoke the banishing spell. Remember, unwavering belief in your own potency is the cornerstone of ritual success.


Items Required:


  • A plastic bottle suitable for freezing

  • Paper and a pen

  • String

  • Candle wax


The Spell:


On one side of the paper, inscribe the name of the individual you seek to banish thrice.


On the reverse side of the paper, articulate the reasons for their banishment, elucidating the emotions they stir within you and the suffering they inflict on others.


Utter the incantation while placing the paper into the bottle and filling it halfway with water.

“As these waters cleanse my words, they are now tethered to you. Your words are no longer free to inflict harm or pain.”


Seal the bottle with candle wax, affirming, “I bind you unto yourself, sealing you in.”


The final act: Position the bottle in the freezer, declaring, “I freeze you out of my existence.”


You may retain the spell bottle in the freezer until the moment of disposal. However, upon retrieval, it must be discarded without being reopened by you.



Banishing spells are powerful instruments that can transform your life. Through their power, you can cleanse your environment, protect yourself from negativity, and regain a sense of balance and harmony. They are tools of liberations, allowing you to break free from negativity and step into a world of your own creation.


Remember, the power of your spell lies in your hands. It’s rooted in your intention, fuelled by your belief, and realised by your actions. So, cast your spells responsibly and ethically. Your magic is your power. Use it wisely.


Now, embrace the power within you. Start your journey. Step into your power. Send that negative energy packing and reclaim your peace.



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