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How to Meet Your Spirit Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Connect with Your Higher Self.

What Are Spirit Guides: Spirit guides are non-physical entities that are said to offer wisdom and support to an individual. Some people believe that they have been assigned one or more spirit guides since birth, while others develop connections with them over time. It is believed that spirit guides are beings of light who are at a higher vibrational frequency than humans, offering assistance and insight to help us live a more fulfilling and spiritual life. They can provide guidance, insight, and assistance when we are facing difficult decisions or dealing with personal issues. It is important to note that spirit guides are not omniscient and should not be relied upon for major life decisions, rather they should be used as a source of guidance and understanding in life.

Spirit guides can come in many forms, including angels, ancestors, ascended masters, gods and goddesses, spirit animals, teachers, native Indian Chiefs, and more. It is believed that these spiritual entities are at a higher vibrational frequency than humans and can offer guidance, insight, and assistance to individuals.


Angels are often thought of as spirit guides as they are believed to provide divine guidance and protection to people.


Ancestors are believed to be the spirits of deceased relatives who are present to provide wisdom and guidance to those who seek it.


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