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How To Have More WEALTH and HAPPINESS.

Unlocking the Path to Abundance and Joy: Discover How to Increase Wealth and Happiness

We are living in a world that is as whimsical as it is intriguing. It has become a necessity for us to unearth practices that truly resonate with our spirits, practices that bring us joy and abundance. This journey isn’t about merely surviving; it’s about embracing the music of life that makes our hearts sing. The beauty of this lies in the fact that there is no right or wrong path. However, this piece aims to introduce you to a practice involving the magic of the full moon and the power of crystals that might just show you a glimpse of the infinite abundance the universe holds for you.

In this Article:

·       The Power of Full Moon

·       The Role of Crystals

·       Choosing the Right Crystals

·       The Abundance Duo: Citrine and Tiger's Eye

·       The Abundance Ritual

·       Setting the Scene

·       The Power of Intention

·       The Magic of Connection


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