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5 Ways To Wellbeing


Supporting Your Mental Wellbeing: 5 Simple Strategies for a Happier You

Take a moment. Pause. Reflect on your mental wellbeing. It's crucial, isn't it? Mental health affects every aspect of our lives, from relationships to productivity at work. Focusing on your mental wellbeing isn't selfish or indulgent; it's a necessity. A necessity that requires simple strategies, consistently applied, for a happier, healthier you. Let's delve into this together, shall we?

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Don't fret. These strategies aren’t rocket science. They're straightforward, easy-to-follow steps developed by the New Economics Foundation, grounded in research and evidence. To maintain a positive mental health, you need connection, physical activity, mindfulness, continuous learning, and a generous spirit. Sound interesting? Let’s plunge in.


Step 1: Connect

Connection is key. Humans are social beings. We crave connections. Establishing meaningful relationships makes us feel valued and accepted. But connections take different forms for different people. Whether you prefer one-to-one interactions, or thrive in larger groups, it's essential to nurture your social life. So here are some tips for fostering connections:


  • Feel brave enough to strike a conversation with a new person.

  • Send a good morning message to a friend or family member.

  • Call that one person you haven’t spoken to in years.

  • Be genuinely interested in someone's weekend and listen to their stories.

  • Take five minutes to check on a colleague, friend or family member.

  • Share a ride to work or home with a teammate.


Do you ever feel like you don’t have any connections around you? Don't worry! To help you out, I've got a list of UK groups that you can reach out to for support and a sense of community. Check them out below!

Step 2: Get Active. The Magic of Movement

Engaging in physical activity, regardless of intensity, can have profound effects on mental health by improving sleep quality and boosting mood, including reducing anxiety, stress, and racing thoughts, demonstrating that even small actions can lead to significant enhancements in overall well-being.


There are simple ways to incorporate activity into your lifestyle. Walk the stairs instead of using the lift. Stroll during your lunch break. Alight one bus stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. Just start moving.

We all have different levels of fitness and may not be able to go for a run or even a walk. But the magic in movement is the feeling you have achieved something no matter how small. There are many light movement exercise videos online, from seated to standing. But don’t feel you have to work up a sweat. Sometimes, even just walking to the kitchen or around the garden can feel like a daily win.


Step 3: Take Notice

Be mindful. Be aware of your feelings and emotions. Understand your triggers. There is evidence that being fully present in the moment increases positivity. Purchase a plant for your workspace to change your space. Clear clutter regularly. Change your commute route occasionally. Try a new lunch spot. Small changes can bring about significant shifts in perspective.

It's all in the detail. By making small changes, it can help us stop feeling like we are living the same life day to day. If you notice you are feeling that your day is the same, make small changes. For me, it's something as simple as changing my coffee cup. I have a few with inspirational sayings from "life is a mixture of magic and coffee" to one that says, "For FOX Sake!" Just one change can alter how I take my break throughout the day.


Step 4: Learn

Learning is continuous. It's an ongoing process, often unnoticed. Knowledge acquisition and skill development can enhance self-esteem. Setting goals can foster a sense of productivity and control. You can learn anything, anytime, anywhere. Be curious about your colleagues. Sign up for a class. Read. Start a book club. Try Sudoku or a crossword puzzle. Research on intriguing topics. Learn a new word daily.


Step 5: Give

Kindness is rewarding. Engaging in social and community activities can lead to happiness. Recent research shows that those who help others are more likely to consider themselves happy. So, how can you spread kindness today?


  • Brew a cup of tea for a colleague or a friend.

  • Lend a hand to a some having difficulty with a task.

  • Make a new employee feel welcomed and comfortable.

  • Participate in volunteering initiatives at your workplace.

  • If able join local groups that help the community.

  • Take a moment to check on a friend or neighbour.


In conclusion, supporting your mental wellbeing is crucial for your overall happiness. The five strategies mentioned above: connecting with others, getting active, taking notice, learning, and giving can make a significant difference when practiced consistently. Start today and experience the transformation. Your mental health matters. You matter.


Organisations that can help people feeling lonely.

It's perfectly okay to seek support or seek guidance on managing loneliness. Here are some contact details for UK support services to help you feel connected.



The Mind Info Line offers callers confidential advice.

Helpline: 0300 123 3393

The Mix

The Mix offers support for anyone aged 13 to 25 with any sort of challenge.

Helpline: 0808 808 4994

The Silver Line

This free helpline for older people across the UK is open every day and every night.

Helpline: 0800 470 80 90


Re-engage helps older people reconnect with their communities .

Helpline: 0800 716543

Age UK

Age UK (the joint project of Age Concern and Help the Aged) aims to combat loneliness through its befriending service.

Helpline: 0800 169 6565

The Samaritans

The Samaritans runs a 24/7 helpline for anyone who wants someone to listen without judgment or pressure. You can also train to become a volunteer.

Helpline: 116 123


MeetUpMondays aims to strengthen communities by running free, weekly coffee mornings at cafes and pubs across the UK.



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