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Invisible Angels: 5 Heartfelt Mother's Day Poems for Mums in Heaven

Updated: Mar 28

Here's a harsh truth. The world keeps turning, even when it feels like it should have stopped. Our hearts, though heavy, continue to beat. Mother's Day comes around yearly, like clockwork, a piercing reminder for those of us missing our mothers. But it is also an opportunity, a day to honour and remember the love that never dies, even when those who bestowed it are no longer with us.

Unseen but Never Forgotten

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Do you feel that? It's the warmth of a memory, the brush of an invisible angel's wing. An Invisible Angel called Mum , a mother's eternal presence, her love echoing in every corner of our hearts.

It's not easy, missing a mother. But every smile we remember, every tear we shed, they're testament to a love that was, a love that is. Angels, they're often depicted as beautiful, bright, winged beings, but sometimes, they're the women who loved us, laughed with us, cried with us. They're mothers. They're our mothers.

It's a big statement, one that requires a pause, a moment to let the weight of the words sink in. Eternal love. Remembrance that never fades. It's a promise we make, to our mothers, to ourselves. We will remember, we will love, even when the world asks us to move on.


A Special Love

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