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14-Day Meditation Guide: Learn to Meditate and Find Inner Peace.

Updated: Mar 28

Meditation is a powerful tool for personal growth, and 14 days can be enough time to begin to get a sense of its benefits. Research into the scientific benefits of meditation is ongoing, but there is already evidence that suggests that meditation can help to improve physical and mental health. Studies have found that regular meditation can lead to reductions in stress and anxiety, better sleep, and improved cognition and focus. Additionally, meditation has been linked to increased self-awareness, improved empathy, and emotional regulation, and improved overall well-being. Finally, research has also suggested that meditation can have positive effects on physical health, including improved cardiovascular health, pain relief, and immune system function. So, while the science is still developing, it appears that there are numerous benefits to be gained through regular meditation.

In This Guide:

  • How To Select Meditation Music

  • How To Meditate

  • How Long To Meditate

  • 14 Day Guide To Mediation

How To Select Meditation Music

Selecting the right music for your meditation can be an important part of creating the right space and atmosphere for your practice. Here are some tips to help you choose the best music for your session:

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